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Let’s Learn Together – Cyprus has created the Online Chess Academy in an effort to elevate the skill level of youths in Cyprus. With our FIDE Instructor Mark Bryan and Developmental Instructor Fivos Kourouyiannis, students can sign up for differenct courses which will help them improve and become stronger players.

main key features about the online chess academy

At the moment we offer seven different courses, two are focused on the opening repertoire, two on specific middlegame themes, one on the endgame, and two general courses. Check the list below:

  • Mouflon Chess Repertoire 1. e4
  • Mouflon Chess Repertoire 1. ... b6
  • Attack the King!
  • Mastering Pawn Structures
  • Practical Endgames
  • Mouflon Chess 1000
  • Mouflon Chess 1500

Improve your chess

Not only do participants have access to course material throughout the course, they also recieve weekly live class sessions of 1 hour with a maximum of 6 students per class. Also participants have the possibility to contact the trainers through the online chess academy with their questions.


FIDE Instructor

Mark Bryan

Developmental Instructor

Fivos Kourouyiannis


For full schedule please contact us

important things

The Online Chess Academy is for anyone who would like to improve their chess. 

Yes, you will need to download software to be able to follow the online class. Also it is preferred for students to have ChessBase and the recommended books for each course.

Yes, to gain access to the Online Chess Academy you will be required to purchase a membership. Please check prices under Pricing.

Yes, this class is suitable for any age.

Not at the moment, but as soon as we have 4 girls join we will be able to provide a girls only class if they wish.

need to know

  • class time: 1 Hour
  • class level: depends on course
  • self-study: depends on course
  • live class size: up to 6 students

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