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what you need to know

Let’s Learn Together – Cyprus has created a chess course that is suitable for Schools. Students will learn the basics of chess as well as important lessons on critical thinking, planning, and logic. We encourage the children to strive for success in the classroom as well as over the chessboard.

main key features about this class

This class primarily focuses on introducing children to chess or improving their chess through fun activities and lessons. Most importantly through this class we will instill into them the love for chess.

  • Chess Basics
  • Basic Tactics
  • Basic Endgames
  • Basic Opening Principles
  • Basic Strategies
  • Minigames

Improve your chess

The class time is split into 3 sections: Lesson, Excercises, and Games. The games section is at least 50% of the time due to the fact that children enjoy it most as well as being the best learning tool as they put into practice what they have just learned. We always start with the lesson section, where the children spend 10-25 mins learning a new topic, afterwards they do excercises to reinforce the lesson and then they play and put into practice what they have just learned.

25-45 min
10-25 mins
10-25 mins


FIDE Instructor

Mark Bryan

important things

This class is suitable for schools.

No, we can provide all required equipment.

We charge 20 EUR per hour.

Yes, we can teach children above the age of 4. 

Yes, we are able to provide advanced classes for schools.

need to know

  • class time: 45-90 minutes
  • class level: depends
  • self-study: depends
  • group size: up to 20 students

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